Slewing Ring Bearings

VI160420-N Slewing Ring Bearings

LILY Interchangeable From INA
VI160420-N Slewing Ring Bearings
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Part Number VI160420-N
di 332 mm
Da 486 mm
b 34 mm
DaZT 484 mm Tolerance: -IT8
Di 419 mm
d0 340 mm
da 421 mm
daZT 419 mm Tolerance: -IT8
dB 14 mm
H 39 mm
h 34 mm
La 462 mm
Li 378 mm
m 4 mm
na 16
ni 16
T 6 mm
t 2,5 mm
u -
Number of teeth(z) 85
weight(w) 23 kg
Maximum permissible radial load against friction lock(Frper) 66100 N
Maximum permissible tooth force (dedendum fatigue strength) Fznorm 12300 N
Max. permissible tooth force against tooth fracture in dedendum(Fzmax) 17800 N
Basic dynamic load rating, axial(Ca) 169000 N
Basic static load rating, axial(C0a) 850000 N
Basic dynamic load rating, radial(Cr) 153000 N
Basic static load rating, radial(C0r) 390000 N
Min. radial bearing clearance 0,04
Maximum radial bearing clearance 0,16
Min. axial tilting clearance 0,07
Maximum axial tilting clearance 0,26
Taper type lubrication nipples, DIN 71412-A M10x1, spaced uniformly on circumference and partially recessed 2
Lip seals on both spides YES
VI160420-N Slewing Ring Bearings

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