Slewing Ring Bearings

MTE-470 Slewing Ring Bearings

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MTE-470 Slewing Ring Bearings
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Part Number MTE-470
Moment Load Rating (Crm) 191600ft-lbs | 855.357KN
Bearing Types Slewing Ring Bearing
Outline Dimensions and Weight
Outspide Diameter of Outer Ring (Do) 26.900" | 683.26mm
Inspide Diameter of Inner Ring (di) 18.500" | 469.9mm
Height of Overall Bearing Assembly (H) 2.375" | 60.33mm
Height of Inner Ring (Hi)/Height of Outer Ring (Ho) 2.063" | 52.4mm
Approximate Weight (lbs) 147lbs | 66.678KG
Mounting Holes
Bolt Circle in Outer Ring (Lo) 24.500" | 622.3mm
Number Holes in Outer Ring (no) 18
Size of Hole in Outer Ring (Bo) 0.813
Bolt Circle in Inner Ring (Li) 20.000" | 508mm
Number Holes in Inner Ring (ni) 24
Size of Hole in Inner Ring (Bi) 0.813
Gear Data
Pressure Angle of Gear Teeth (α) 20 º
Tooth form SD
Pitch diameter of gear(D2) 26.5" | 673.1mm
Diametral pitch(Pd) 4" | 101.6mm
Number of gear teeth(z2) 106
Face wpidth of gear teethαb2) 2.063
Mating Pinions 39200001
MTE-470 Slewing Ring Bearings

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