H7-43N1 Slewing Ring Bearings

LILY Interchangeable From Rotek
H7-43N1 Slewing Ring Bearings
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Rotek Part No. H7-43N1
LILY Part No. LH7-43N1
Series 4000 Series
Gear Internal gear
Type Ball
System of Measurement Inch
Inside Diameter Of Inner Ring 37.7"
Outside Diameter Of Outer Ring 45.8"
External Diameter On Outer Ring (Dr) 39.8"
Internal Diameter On Outer Ring (Di) 41.1"
External Diameter On Inner Ring (do) 42.1"
Height Of Overall Bearing Assembly (H) 3.54"
Height Of Inner Ring (Hi) 2.59"
Height Of Outer Ring (Ho) 3.07"
Weight 350 lbs
Bolt Circle In Outer Ring (Lo) 44.65"
Number Holes In Outer Ring (no) 36
Bolt Circle In Inner Ring (Li) 40.96"
Number Holes In Inner Ring (ni) 36
Pitch Diameter Of Gear (D2) 2.5"
Diametral Pitch (Pd) 38.4"
Number Of Gear Teeth (z2) 96
Tooth Form F.D.
Face Width Of Gear Teeth (b2) 2.17"
Raceway Moment 333000 ft-lbs
Compressive Thrust 412000 lbs
Fig No 2
OU 5/8-11 "
IU 5/8-11"
K 0.95"
Gear Hardness (BHN) 180-210
Max Allow Tang Tooth Load 7100 lbs
H7-43N1 Slewing Ring Bearings

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