Cam Followers

CR-5/8-XBEC Cam Followers

LILY Interchangeable From Smith
CR-5/8-XBEC Cam Followers
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Product NumberCR-5/8-XBEC
Part NumberCR-5/8-XBEC
Roller Dia0.625"
Roller Width0.4375"
Stud Dia0.250"
Stud Length0.750"
Dynamic Load Rating1320 lbs
(A) Eccentric Bushing O.D..375
(G) Eccentric Bushing Length+.000/-.010
(E) Eccentricity.015
Additional note2Housing Thickness should be a mininum of .010 longer than bushing length to provide positive clamping
(A) Eccentric Bushing O.D. Tolerance+.001/-.001
(B) Roller Width Tolerance+.000/-.005
(D) Roller O.D. Tolerance+.000/-.001
(E) Eccentricity Tolerance+ .005/+ .005
(G) Eccentric Bushing Length ToleranceN/A
(P) Lube Fitting SizeN/A
(R) Crown Radius (Inches)8
(T) Thread U.N.F.N/A
(T) Thread U.N.F. Class 2A1/4-28
Additional Note1Cannot be relubricated
HEX Size1/8
CR-5/8-XBEC Cam Followers

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