16382001 TR Series
16382001 TR Series
Part Number 16382001
Gear Internal gear
Type Roller
Bearing Type Standard
System of Measurement Inch
Inside Diameter Of Inner Ring 106.333"
Outside Diameter Of Outer Ring 125.62"
Internal Diameter On Outer Ring 115.28"
External Diameter On Inner Ring 115.63"
Height Of Overall Bearing Assembly 8.38"
Height Of Inner Ring 6.88"
Height Of Outer Ring 6.88"
Bolt Circle In Inner Ring 112.25"
Bolt Circle In Outer Ring 122.812"
Size Holes In Inner Ring 1 1/2-6 "
Size Holes In Outer Ring 1.563"
Number Holes In Inner Ring 72
Number Holes In Outer Ring 72
Pitch Diameter Of Gear 107.333"
Diametral Pitch Or Module 1.5
Number Of Gear Teeth 161
Max Gear Tooth Load Fz 93140 lbs
Max Gear Tooth Load Fz 50K lbs greater
Moment Load Rating 9275100 ft-lbs
Moment Load Rating 5000K ft-lbs greater
Tooth FD
Ring Material 42CRO or 50MN
Ball Materrial 52100_Chrome_Steel
Cage Material Nylon or 300 Series Stainless Steel
Seal Material NBR
RoHS Compliant
Weight 5800 lbs
Face Width Of Gear Teeth 6.88"
Addendum Modification Coefficient Of Gear Teeth -0.25

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The LILY bearing part series 16382001 is a potential replacement for these common bearing part numbers.