Slewing Ring Bearings

16332001 Slewing Ring Bearings

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16332001 Slewing Ring Bearings
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Part Number 16332001
Moment(ft-lbs) 460450lbs | 2055.58KN
Thrust(lbs) 232690lbs | 1038.795KN
Radial(lbs) 205410lbs | 917.009KN
Maximum Allowable Gear Tooth Load (Fz) 28600lbs | 127.679KN
Bearing Types Slewing Ring Bearing
Outline Dimensions and Weight
Outspide Diameter of Outer Ring (Do) 54.74" | 1390.4mm
Inspide Diameter of Inner Ring (di) 44.4" | 1127.76mm
Height of overall bearing assembly(H) 4.5" | 114.3mm
Height of outer ring(Ho) 3.75" | 95.25mm
Height of inner ring(Hi) 4.13" | 104.9mm
External diameter on outer ring(Dr) -
Internal diameter on inner ring(dr) 46.38" | 1178.05mm
Approximate Weight (lbs) 500lbs | 226.795KG
Mounting Holes
Bolt Circle in Outer Ring (Lo) 53" | 1346.2mm
Number Holes in Outer Ring (no) 36
Size of hole in outer ring(Bo) 0.922
Bolt circle in inner ring(Li) 48" | 1219.2mm
Number Holes in Inner Ring (ni) 36
Size of hole in inner ring(Bi) 7/8-14
Gear Data
Pressure Angle of Gear Teeth (α) 20 º
Tooth form FD
Pitch Diameter of Gear (D2) 45.2" | 1148.08mm
Diametral Pitch (Pd) 2.5" | 63.5mm
Number of Gear Teeth(z2) 113
("+" / "-" sign increases tooth thickness at D2(X2) 0
Face Wpidth of Gear Teeth(b2) 3.75
gear Internal
16332001 Slewing Ring Bearings

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