KD160XP0 Constant Section (CS) Bearings
Price $ 824.35
Part Number KD160XP0
Brand: LILY Brand: LILY
Equivalent: KAYDON
System of Measurement Inch
Bearing Type Ball
For Load Direction Four Point Contact
Construction Single Row
Seal Type Open
Thin Section Bearings Type RealiSlim Open Bearings
Series KD 1/2" x 1/2"
Bore Dia 16"
Bore Dia Tolerance -0.0016"– 0"
Outer Dia 17"
Outer Dia Tolerance -0.0016"– 0"
Width 0.5"
Width Tolerance +.000 –.010"
External Diameter On Inner Ring 16.370"
Internal Diameter On Outer Ring 16.630"
Ring Material Chrome Steel
Ball Material Chrome Steel
Cage Material Brass
Dynamic Radial Load 4899 lbf
Dynamic Thrust 8360 lbs
Dynamic Moment 30325 lbs
Static Radial Load 11290 lbf
Static Thrust 28220 lbs
Static Moment 93110 lbs
Moment Load Rating 30 ft-lbs
Lubrication Lubricated
Shaft Mount Type Press Fit
Temperature Range -30°C to 110 °C
ABEC Rating ABEC-1
Radial Clearance 0.0000 – 0.0005"
RoHS Compliant
Weight 3.1 lbs
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The LILY bearing part series KD160XP0 is a potential replacement for these common bearing part numbers.

Design Features of KD160XP0 Bearing

KD160XP0 Bearing represents a specialized category of thin section bearings. It is distinguished by its unique cross-sectional geometry, which remains constant as the bore diameter increases. KD160XP0 bore dia is 16". Its out dia is 17". Its width is 0.5". It is manufactured to high precision standards, which is critical for applications requiring accurate and smooth motion.


What Benefits Can KD160XP0 Bearing Provide?

  • Space-Saving Design: The constant, slim cross-section makes this bearing ideal for compact designs where space is limited.
  • Lightweight: Its design reduces material usage, thus lowering the weight, which is crucial in aerospace and other weight-sensitive applications.
  • Load Handling Capabilities: Despite its thin section, this bearing can handle a significant amount of radial, axial, and moment loads, making it versatile in various mechanical setups.
  • Low Friction: It maintains low friction, which enhances the overall efficiency of the applications in which it is used.


What Can KD160XP0 Bearing Be Used for?

KD160XP0 Bearing is suitable for applications such as:

  • Industrial Machinery: Used in equipment where space-saving bearings are required without compromising on load capacity.
  • Aerospace Industry: In components where uniform cross-sections are essential for design integrity while maintaining weight and space efficiency.
  • Robotics and Automation: Its precision and compact size make it well-suited for robotic and automated machinery.
  • Medical Equipment: In devices where precision and compact design are crucial, like in advanced imaging equipment.