51200 Metric Single Direction Thrust Ball Bearing
Part Number 51200
Brand: LILY Brand: LILY
Equivalent: SKF
System of Measurement Metric
Bearing Type Ball
For Load Direction Thrust
Seal Type Open
Bore Dia 10 mm
Bore Dia Tolerance -0.008mm to 0
Outer Dia 26 mm
Outer Dia Tolerance -0.01mm to 0
Height 11 mm
Height Tolerance +0.02mm to -0.25mm
Outer Dia Shaft Washer 26 mm
Inner Dia Housing Washer 12 mm
Chamfer Dimension Washer 0.6 mm
Washer Material Chrome Steel
Ball Material Chrome Steel
Cage Material Stainless Steel
Dynamic Thrust Load 2858 lbf
Static Thrust Load 4185 lbf
Max Speed (X1000 rpm) 11
Temperature Range -30° to 110 °C
RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant
Weight 0.03 kg
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Design Features of 51200 Bearing

51200 Bearing is a type of rolling-element bearing designed explicitly to handle axial loads in one direction. 51200 bore dia is 10 mm. Its out dia is 26 mm. 51200 height is 11 mm. This bearing comprises a shaft washer affixed to the rotating shaft, paired with a stationary housing washer. Spherical balls, positioned between these washers, mitigate friction and facilitate smooth rotation. A dedicated cage maintains uniform spacing among the balls, preventing contact and assisting in lubricant distribution.


What Benefits Can 51200 Bearing Provide?

  • Axial Load Handling: This bearing is made to manage one-way axial loads efficiently.
  • Space-saving: Its design is compact, ideal for tight spaces.
  • Smooth Operation: Balls reduce friction, ensuring smoother rotation.
  • Speed: Due to its precision crafting, this bearing is suited for high-speed applications.
  • Alignment Flexibility: Variants with grooved aligning seat washers can accommodate minor shaft misalignments, enhancing operational reliability.


What Can 51200 Bearing Be Used for?

51200 Bearing is integral in a wide array of applications owing to their ability to manage axial loads efficiently. Here are some common applications:

  • Industrial Machinery: Often used in high-speed radial drilling machines.
  • Automotive Sector: Applied in systems like clutches for efficient axial load management.
  • Aerospace Industry: Incorporated in various components for reliable high-speed operations.
  • Home Appliances: Used in devices like washing machines to reduce friction.
  • Precision Instruments: Essential in printer peripherals for accurate axial load control.