Tungsten Carbide Swashes With Slope

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Material Tungsten Carbide
Bore Dia (d) 20.02mm
Bore Dia Tolerance +0.00 to -0.01mm
Outer Dia (D) 56.90mm
Width (B) 48.06mm
Maximum Temperature 950℃
Ovality 0.005mm
Perpendicularity 0.01mm
Concentricity 0.01mm
Parallelism 0.01mm
Applications Commonly used on high-precision machining, high-precision tool materials, oilfield drilling tools,lathes, impact drill bits, glass cutter heads, tile cutters, hard and not afraid of annealing, belongs to rare metals.
RoHS Compliant
Composition 94%
Density(g/cm3) 14.9
Hardness(Kg/mm2) 91
Bending strength(Mpa) 1580
Ingredients 6%
Porosity and non-combined carbon A02 B00 C00
Grain size 1