Ceramic Silicon Carbide U Groove Roller

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Material Silicon Carbide (Sic)
Color Black
Size 40x68x22mm
Accuracy 0.008mm
Maximum Temperature 1200℃(2192F)
Circular Runout 12um
Perpendicularity 12um
Circularity 10um
Parallelism 15um
Applications Chemicals, aerospace, medicine, environmental protection equipment, electronics industry. Steel industry, the role of shaping steel
RoHS Compliant
Purity SiC content >99%
Density(g/cm3) >3.10
Hardness(Kg/mm2) 2800
Bending strength(Mpa) >400
Compressive strength(Mpa) 3000~3900
Fracture toughness(Mpa.m-3/2) 4~5
Elastic Modulus(Gpa) 410
Poisson’s ratio 0.14
Cofficient of thermal expansion(X10-6/℃) 4.3
Grain size(μm) <8
Free silicon content(%) <0.5