CE707SC Silicon Carbide-Single Row Angular Contact
Part Number CE707SC
System of Measurement Metric
Bearing Type Ball
Contact Angle 25°
For Load Direction Angular Contact
Construction Single Row
Seal Type Open
Bore Dia 7 mm
Bore Dia Tolerance -0.008 mm to 0
Outer Dia 19 mm
Outer Dia Tolerance -0.009 mm to 0
Width 6 mm
Width Tolerance -0.12 mm to 0
Shoulder Diameter Inner Ring (Large Side Face)(d1) 10.8 mm
Shoulder Diameter Inner Ring (Small Side Face)(d2) 10.8 mm
Shoulder Diameter Outer Ring (Large Side Face)(D1) 15.2 mm
Chamfer Dimension (r1 2)(min) 0.3 mm
Chamfer Dimension (r3 4)(min) 0.15 mm
Distance Pressure Point (a) 6.1 mm
Ring Material Silicon Carbide
Balls Material Sic
Cage Material PEEK
Dynamic Radial Load 98 lbf
Static Radial Load 39 lbf
Max Speed (X1000 rpm) 22.68
Lubrication Dry
Temperature Range -176 to 2192 °F
ABEC Rating ABEC-1
ROHS Compliant
REACH Compliant
Ball Dia 3.572 mm
Ball Qty 8
Weight 0 kg

Design Features of CE707SC Bearing

CE707SC bearing integrates the remarkable properties of silicon carbide (SiC) with a single-row angular contact configuration, offering a blend of durability and performance. Its bore dia is 7 mm. Its out dia is 19 mm. Its width is 6 mm. CE707SC bearing is a specialized category of bearing crafted for high-endurance and precision-demanding applications.


What Benefits Can CE707SC Bearing Provide?

  • High-Speed Performance: Ideal for applications requiring high-speed rotation due to silicon carbide’s low friction properties.
  • Exceptional Durability: Silicon carbide’s extreme hardness enhances wear resistance, extending the bearing's lifespan.
  • Thermal Stability: It performs reliably in high-temperature environments, maintaining integrity and function.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Highly resistant to corrosion, suitable for use in harsh chemical environments.
  • Electrical Insulation: The non-conductive nature of silicon carbide prevents electrical erosion, beneficial in electrically sensitive applications.
  • Precision Operation: The single-row design ensures accurate control, making this bearing ideal for precision machinery.


What Can CE707SC Bearing Be Used for?

CE707SC Bearing is ideal for applications such as:

  • High-Speed Machinery: Perfect for high-speed spindles and precision tools requiring rapid and accurate motion.
  • High-Temperature Applications: Suited for equipment in high-temperature settings, like metallurgical and chemical processing.
  • Corrosive Environments: Useful in chemical processing for their strong corrosion resistance.
  • Electrical and Electronic Equipment: Ideal for applications needing non-conductive properties to prevent electrical erosion.
  • Advanced Engineering: Appropriate for aerospace and defense sectors, where precision and durability are critical.