Axial angular contact ball bearings

double direction, for screw mounting, sealing shields on both sides

Product Number d D H Ca Basic dynamic
load rating, axial
C0a Basic static
load rating, axial
Cua Basic dynamic
load rating, radial
ZKLDF100 100 mm 185 mm 38 mm 71000 N 265000 N 10100 N
ZKLDF120 120 mm 210 mm 40 mm 76000 N 315000 N 11100 N
ZKLDF150 150 mm 240 mm 40 mm 81000 N 380000 N 12200 N
ZKLDF180 180 mm 280 mm 43 mm 85000 N 440000 N 13100 N
ZKLDF200 200 mm 300 mm 45 mm 121000 N 610000 N 17400 N
ZKLDF260 260 mm 385 mm 55 mm 162000 N 920000 N 23100 N
ZKLDF325 325 mm 450 mm 60 mm 172000 N 1110000 N 25000 N
ZKLDF395 395 mm 525 mm 65 mm 241000 N 1580000 N 33000 N
ZKLDF460 460 mm 600 mm 70 mm 255000 N 1860000 N 36000 N

Compared with general bearings, ZKLDF has its own characteristics of low friction, high rotation accuracy, high speed limit, etc. It can also withstand high axial and radial loads and has high tilt stiffness. Thanks to so many advantages and features, ZKLDF is also suitable for the field of load load and high precision. Medical equipment, high-precision turntables, and high-precision test equipment all require the use of ZKLDF.

Compared with ordinary bearings, ZKLDF series bearings must be cautious in use and operation due to the high precision of the bearings, otherwise it will directly affect its operating life. ZKLDF series bearings are filled with grease, so they can be used directly during installation. In the initial stage of use, the frictional torque of the bearing will be relatively large because of the resistance of the grease. After running for a while, the excess grease will overflow and the torque will return to normal.

The accuracy of the ZKLDF bearing also requires the precision of the shaft and the housing, and the requirements for them are also very high. In order to achieve the desired accuracy, the clearance should be as close as possible to zero in order to achieve its maximum operating efficiency.

ZKLDF also pays attention to the surrounding working environment when handling and installing. The mounting force can only be used in the bearing rings that need to be installed. It does not need to be applied to other parts of the bearing. The bearings are also stored in a clean, ventilated, non-corrosive environment.


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