Axial/radial bearings

Double direction, screw mounting, for higher speeds, with integrated absolute angular measuring system

Product Number d D H Ca Basic dynamic
load rating, axial
C0a Basic static
load rating, axial
Cr Basic dynamic
load rating, radial
C0r Basic static
load rating, radial
YRTSMA200 200 mm 300 mm 51 mm 155000 N 840000 N 94000 N 226000 N
YRTSMA260 260 mm 385 mm 57,5 mm 173000 N 1050000 N 110000 N 305000 N
YRTSMA325 325 mm 450 mm 61 mm 191000 N 1260000 N 109000 N 320000 N
YRTSMA395 395 mm 525 mm 65 mm 214000 N 1540000 N 121000 N 390000 N
YRTSMA460 460 mm 600 mm 70 mm 221000 N 1690000 N 168000 N 570000 N

The measuring system of the turntable is installed in the bearing, so the bearing integrated measuring system is far more accurate than other bearing measuring systems. YRTSMA series bearings use precision rotation. It reads the ring on the inner ring of the bearing and the system is directly connected to the controller, so there is no need to adjust it.

YRTSMA series bearings are also direct drive and high mechanical power while meeting the rotating shaft. It combines the high speed and precision of the measurement system with a reduced structural volume and robust design. The diameter of YRTSMA series bearings is generally between 200-460mm, and compared with those of ordinary YRT series bearings, YRTSMA is far superior to the limit speed of bearings.

When the YRTSMA bearing is mounted on the rotating shaft of the device, the relevant angle information can be obtained immediately as soon as it starts running. At the same time, YRTSMA bearings are not particularly sensitive to the rolling bearing grease and some pollutants commonly used in machine tool turntable applications, so there is no problem directly connected to the machine control system.

YRTSMA bearings are relatively high in dimensional accuracy and rotation accuracy, so the requirements for bearings and housings that match their operation are also high, otherwise the effect will be directly reduced. In order to achieve the desired effect of operation, the fit clearance should also be as close as possible to zero.


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