Axial/radial bearings

double direction, screw mounting, for higher speeds, with integrated angular measuring system

Product Number d D H Ca Basic dynamic
load rating, axial
C0a Basic static
load rating, axial
Cr Basic dynamic
load rating, radial
C0r Basic static
load rating, radial
YRTSM200 200 mm 300 mm 45 mm 155000 N 840000 N 94000 N 226000 N
YRTSM260 260 mm 385 mm 55 mm 173000 N 1050000 N 110000 N 305000 N
YRTSM325 325 mm 450 mm 60 mm 191000 N 1260000 N 109000 N 320000 N
YRTSM395 395 mm 525 mm 65 mm 214000 N 1540000 N 121000 N 390000 N
YRTSM460 460 mm 600 mm 70 mm 221000 N 1690000 N 168000 N 570000 N

YRTSM is also a model in YRT rotary table bearings. In terms of function and characteristics, YRTSM has the advantages of high tilt stiffness and high precision in addition to the suitable axial and radial load of YRT bearings. Therefore, in application, it is also widely used in high-precision numerical control equipment, military radar, aerospace and measuring equipment.

However, in addition to the basic performance of the YRTSM, it is also a high-speed rotary table bearing compared to the conventional YRT rotary table bearing. The internal structure is significantly different from ordinary turntable bearings. Therefore, the limit speed of YRTSM is also much higher than that of general bearings. Moreover, the friction torque of the YRTSM, in comparison, is even lower and uniform and stable.

In addition to high speeds, the YRTSM is a complete set of equipment with measuring systems, test heads, cables and electronic metering systems. It and the torque motor can be used together with the measuring system, and the speed of signal processing can also meet the demand. On the basis of direct drive control, it has also been improved.

YRTSM not only has high speed, but also can monitor and adjust the rotation precision of the two-way thrust cylindrical roller combined bearing in real time, thus ensuring high-precision operation of the equipment. YRTSM bearings also make up for its vacancies in areas where ordinary YRT bearings cannot be used and machinery.


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