Axial/radial bearings

Double direction, screw mounting, with integrated absolute angular measuring system

Product Number d D H Ca Basic dynamic
load rating, axial
C0a Basic static
load rating, axial
Cr Basic dynamic
load rating, radial
C0r Basic static
load rating, radial
YRTCMA200-XL 200 mm 300 mm 51 mm 147000 N 850000 N 123000 N 275000 N
YRTCMA260-XL 260 mm 385 mm 57,5 mm 168000 N 1090000 N 140000 N 355000 N
YRTCMA325-XL 325 mm 450 mm 61 mm 248000 N 1900000 N 183000 N 530000 N
YRTCMA395-XL 395 mm 525 mm 65 mm 265000 N 2190000 N 200000 N 640000 N
YRTCMA460-XL 460 mm 600 mm 70 mm 288000 N 2550000 N 267000 N 880000 N

Unlike ordinary YRT rotary table bearings, YRTCMA is a rectangular measuring system with absolute values. In many machine mechanical applications, the measurement system integrated in the bearing has significant advantages in many solutions. This means that YRTCMA can achieve higher system accuracy measurements. YRTCMA precision rotary bearings also have extremely precise radial runout.

Based on the structural dimensions, it can be used directly as a measuring ring in the inner ring of the bearing. The system can also be connected directly to the controller, and the specifications and accuracy of the system can be determined. When YRTCMA's absolute angle measurement system is used in bearings, the size range is also between 180-460. This is also impossible to achieve with ordinary YRT rotary table bearings.

YRTCMA is subjected to high loads in both axial and radial directions, and the axial load carrying capacity is also enhanced. It is also used in strict control of the heat treatment process, and the stability is relatively high. At the same time, because of the structure of the inner ring and the outer ring, the bearing clearance can be adjusted, and even if a preload is applied, the rotation can be performed with high precision.

In many mechanical applications, after the YRTCMA rotary bearing is equipped, it is fully capable of greatly increasing productivity, as well as operation and workpiece. The operation of the machine has also been upgraded in terms of competitiveness, and the performance of continuous force, high speed and high processing can also be realized together.


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