Axial/radial bearings

double direction, screw mounting, with integrated angular measuring system

Product Number d D H Ca Basic dynamic
load rating, axial
C0a Basic static
load rating, axial
Cr Basic dynamic
load rating, radial
C0r Basic static
load rating, radial
YRTCM150-XL 150 mm 240 mm 41 mm 128000 N 650000 N 75000 N 146000 N
YRTCM180-XL 180 mm 280 mm 44 mm 135000 N 730000 N 100000 N 200000 N
YRTCM200-XL 200 mm 300 mm 45 mm 147000 N 850000 N 123000 N 275000 N
YRTCM260-XL 260 mm 385 mm 55 mm 168000 N 1090000 N 140000 N 355000 N
YRTCM325-XL 325 mm 450 mm 60 mm 248000 N 1900000 N 183000 N 530000 N
YRTCM395-XL 395 mm 525 mm 65 mm 265000 N 2190000 N 200000 N 640000 N
YRTCM460-XL 460 mm 600 mm 70 mm 288000 N 2550000 N 267000 N 880000 N

The YRTCM series is a type of YRT rotary table bearing. The bearings of this series also have the same mounting dimensions, and the performance is similar, but there is a certain difference in the internal structure. The YRTCM turret bearing also has three rows of roller bearings, two of which are axial rollers for stabilizing axial loads and one row of radial rollers to ensure radial tilting moments.

YRTCM is also an integrated angle measuring system in addition to the YRT series of rotary table bearings in addition to the radial and axial two-way bearings. The diameter of the shaft is also between 150mm and 460mm. The steering stiffness of the bearing is also considered to be the stiffness of the rolling element assembly, the bearing ring and the bolted connection.

The YRTCM bearing has high axial and radial bearing capacity and high precision. Therefore, when the bearing of this type is in operation, the requirements for the equipment parts matched with it are also very high. The traditional indexing plate basically requires three sets of bearings to work together. However, the YRTCM type bearing can meet all the high-precision indexing and rotation requirements as long as one set.

In addition to CNC machine tools, the use of YRTCM in medical devices is constantly increasing. Due to the special nature of the industry, the components used in medical equipment are of high precision and good stability. After all, life is priceless. The advantages of all aspects of YRTCM bearings make up for some of the shortcomings of traditional bearings in medical equipment.


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