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User Experience Feedback

Inspection And Testing

In the whole course from purchasing of raw materials to every process of production, “LB”Brand besrings are all strictly and carefully inspected to guarantee quality.Besides the basic and normally used testing instruments,the company also adopts the following testing and inspecting instruments to control the production processes and finished products.

No. Model No.of instrument
Name of instrument Test item

  1. HV-4B Pc high-speed automatic carbon and sulfur analyser Chemical composition of raw material
  2. HC-II High-speed digital display automatic analyzer
  3. 4X1 Metallurgical microscope Analysis of material and metallurgical structure
  4. Y9025 Roundness measuring equipment Roundness of groove and outer diameter
  5. R902 Groove curvature inspecting instrument Groove curvature and groove shape
  6. SRM-1 Surface roughness inspecting instrument Roughness of groove and surface
  7. S0910 Bearing vibration inspecting instrument (Accelerationg)vibration and abnormal sound
  8. BVY-1 Bearing vibration inspecting instrument (speed) vibration and abnormal sound
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