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Ball Bearing Ceramic Ball

Ceramic (silicon nitride) balls feature highly controlled and consistent geometry as well as an exceptionally smooth and uniform surface finish. Compared to steel, the material's lighter weight, higher stiffness, and inert properties facilitate higher operating speeds, extended bearing life, and expanded design possibilities for unique and demanding bearing applications.
Typical Applications
  • Semiconductor processing (high vacuum)

  • Medical and dental handpieces

  • Turbo molecular pumps

  • Flow meters

  • Scanners

  • Micro turbines (power generation)

  • Aircraft instrumentation

  • Machine tool spindles

Table of Performance Benefits
Properties Improvement In Bearing Performance
Lower internal friction Lower internal temperature
Reduced cage and raceway wear
Lighter weight: 58% lighter than steel Lighter overall bearing weight
Decreased centrifugal force
Decreased gyroscopic movement
Higher stiffness & higher hardness: 68% stiffer than steel  Reduced skidding
Less friction
Lower operating temperatures
Less wear
Smoother surface: 75% smoother than steel Decreased lube degradation
No cold welding/adhesive wear
Less friction
Lower operating temperatures
Less wear
Corrosion resistance Durability in harsh environments
Less wear
Resists galling
Higher maximum temperature than steel:  +1000°C Wider operating range
Lower thermal expansion Lower operating temperatures