Stainless Steel Mounted Units, Pillow Blocks, Housed Unit Bearings & Inserts

Stainless Steel Pillow Block Bearings not only have the characteristics of the ordinary bearings: Low vibration, low noise, high precision rotating, lower friction torque and high speed running but also have its special usage function.

The range of application is wide:

It is an acid-proof and alkali-proof

It can work in corrosion medium such as sea water, river aqua, distilled water, sparse nitric acid, maritime climate, steam and so on

It can work in the high or low temperature environment

Common usage for Stainless Steel Pillow Block include: Agriculture, Automotive, Pump, Sporting and Consumer Goods, Construction, Manufacturing Equipment, Conveyor and Fan Assemblies,Farm Machinery, HVAC, Feed Mill, Economical housed bearing solution and many other Industrial Equipment.


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