Stainless Steel Spherical Plain Bearings and Rod Ends



Stainless steel spherical bearings all incorporate the single-piece race type construction, providing excellent ball-to-race conformity and structural integrity, along with the advantages of metal-to-metal contact between bearing components.

The outer rings are composed of stainless steel with holes for mounting the inner rings which are composed of aluminium bronze.

In order to guarantee an efficient function of the bearings they require regular maintenance and lubrication which can take place via lubrication holes and oil grooves. Steel on steel spherical plain bearings are especially suitable for bearing arrangements where heavy loads of alternating direction, shock loads.

Main model: GEZ-ES, GEZ-ES-2RS, GE-E, GE-ES, GE-ES-2RS, and GEF-ES Series, Steel-on-Steel, with/without Seals: Inch and Metric etc Stainless Steel Spherical Plain Bearings.


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