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Slewing Ring Bearings Cross Reference Charts

    Use the bearing interchange chart below to slewing ring bearings part numbers from different manufacturers.The bearing interchange chart is meant to be a quick cross-reference guide.

KAYDON Rotek Silverthin
Part No.
RK6-16E1Z L6-16E9Z SK6-16EZ
RK6-16N1Z L6-16N9Z SK6-16NZ
RK6-16P1Z L6-16P9Z SK6-16PZ
RK6-22E1Z L6-22E9Z SK6-22EZ
RK6-22N1Z L6-22N9Z SK6-22NZ
RK6-22P1Z L6-22P9Z SK6-22PZ
RK6-25E1Z L6-25E9Z SK6-25EZ
RK6-25N1Z L6-25N9Z SK6-25NZ
RK6-25P1Z L6-25P9Z SK6-25PZ
RK6-29E1Z L6-29E9Z SK6-29EZ
RK6-29N1Z L6-29N9Z SK6-29NZ
RK6-29P1Z L6-29P9Z SK6-29PZ
RK6-33E1Z L6-33E9Z SK6-33EZ
RK6-33N1Z L6-33N9Z SK6-33NZ
RK6-33P1Z L6-33P9Z SK6-33PZ
RK6-37E1Z L6-37E9Z SK6-37EZ
RK6-37N1Z L6-37N9Z SK6-37NZ
RK6-37P1Z L6-37P9Z SK6-37PZ
RK6-43E1Z L6-43E9Z SK6-43EZ
RK6-43N1Z L6-43N9Z SK6-43NZ
RK6-43P1Z L6-43P9Z SK6-43PZ
KAYDON Silverthin
Part No.
MTE-145 STE-145
MTE-210 STE-210
MTE-265 STE-265
MTE-415 STE-415
MTE-470 STE-470
MTE-540 STE-540
MTE-590 STE-590
MTE-705 STE-705
MTE-730 STE-730
MTE-870 STE-870
MTO-050 STO-050
MTO-065 STO-065
MTO-122 STO-122
MTO-143 STO-143
MTO-145 STO-145
MTO-170 STO-170
MTO-210 STO-210
MTO-265 STO-265
MTE-145T STE-145T
MTE-145X STE-145X
MTE-210T STE-210T
MTE-210X STE-210X
MTE-265T STE-265T
MTE-265X STE-265X
MTE-324T STE-324T
MTE-324X STE-324X
MTE-415T STE-415T
MTE-470T STE-470T
MTE-540T STE-540T
MTE-590T STE-590T
MTE-705T STE-705T
MTE-730T STE-730T
MTE-870T STE-870T
MTO-050T STO-050T
MTO-065T STO-065T
MTO-122T STO-122T
MTO-143T STO-143T
MTO-145T STO-145T
MTO-145X STO-145X
MTO-170T STO-170T
MTO-210T STO-210T
MTO-210X STO-210X
MTO-265T STO-265T
MTO-265X STO-265X
MTO-324T STO-324T
MTO-324X STO-324X