VLA200644-N INA Part No.

VLA200644-N Bearing
Part Number VLA200644-N
di 534 mm Tolerance: +0,6/0
Da 742,3 mm
Di 645,5 mm Tolerance: +0,6/0
DiZT 647 mm
d0 732 mm
da 642,5 mm Tolerance: 0/-0,6
diZT 536 mm
H 56 mm
La 685 mm
Li 562 mm
Tooth modulus 6 mm
Number of fixing holes in outer ring(na) 16
Number of fixing holes in inner ring(ni) 16
Number of teeth(z) 122
weight(w) 48,5 kg
Maximum permissible radial load against friction lock(Frper) 66100 N
Maximum permissible tooth force (dedendum fatigue strength) Fznorm 21300 N
Max. permissible tooth force against tooth fracture in dedendum(Fzmax) 31500 N
Basic dynamic load rating, axial(Ca) 164000 N
Basic static load rating, axial(C0a) 455000 N
Basic dynamic load rating, radial(Cr) 148000 N
Basic static load rating, radial(C0r) 171000 N
Taper type lubrication nipples, DIN 71412-A S8x1, spaced uniformly on circumference 4
Bearings are also available without holes in the bearing rings Y
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