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39201001 KAYDON Part No.

Pinion Part Number 39201001
Tooth Form Full Depth Involute Spur Gear (Ref. ANSI B6.1-1968, R1974 or ISO 5 3:1998)
Number of Teeth (z1) for 39201001 Pinion 17
Face Width (b1) 2.25 in
Face Width (b1) Tolerance ±0.015 in
Length of Pinion (L1) 3.125 in
Length of Pinion (L1) Tolerances ±0.015 in
Pitch Diameter (D1) for 39201001 Pinion 3.4 in
Outside Diameter for 39201001 (Do1) 3.686 in
Outside Diameter (Do1) Tolerance -0.010 in
Diameter of Hub (Dr1) for 39201001 2.906 in
Stock Bore (Di1) 1.000 in
Stock Bore (Di1) Tolerances 0.002 in
Square Key Size, Nominal (w) 1/4 in
Approximate Weight (lb) for 39201001 6.6 lb
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