CE71892SIPP Silicon Nitride-Single Row Angular Contact
Part Number CE71892SIPP
System of Measurement Metric
Part No 7892 AGMB
Bearing Type Ball
Contact Angle 30°
For Load Direction Angular Contact
Construction Single Row
Seal Type Sealed
Bore Dia 460 mm
Bore Dia Tolerance -0.045 mm to 0
Outer Dia 580 mm
Outer Dia Tolerance -0.05 mm to 0
Width 56 mm
Width Tolerance -0.45 mm to 0
Shoulder Diameter Inner Ring (Large Side Face)(d1) 498 mm
Shoulder Diameter Outer Ring (Large Side Face)(D1) 540.27 mm
Chamfer Dimension (r1 2)(min) 3 mm
Distance Pressure Point (a) 178 mm
Ring Material Silicon Nitride
Balls Material Si3n4
Cage Material PEEK
Dynamic Radial Load 18766 lbf
Static Radial Load 38695 lbf
Max Speed (X1000 rpm) 0.88
Lubrication Dry
Temperature Range -176 to 1472 °F
ABEC Rating ABEC-1
ROHS Compliant
REACH Compliant
Weight 14 kg

Design Features of CE71892SIPP Bearing

CE71892SIPP bearing is characterized by its use of silicon nitride (Si3N4) ceramic balls, combined with a single-row angular contact configuration. The single-row configuration is designed to support axial loads in one direction and radial loads, providing precise control and high-speed capabilities. CE71892SIPP bore dia is 460 mm. Its out dia is 580 mm. Its width is 56 mm. This bearing is designed for applications that require high-speed operation and precision.


What Benefits Can CE71892SIPP Bearing Provide?

  • High-Speed Performance: Ideal for high-speed applications due to silicon nitride's low density, reducing centrifugal forces.
  • Thermal Stability: Maintain consistent performance across a wide temperature range, ensuring reliability in varying operational conditions.
  • Wear and Corrosion Resistance: Exceptional resistance to wear and corrosion extends the bearing's lifespan and performance in harsh environments.
  • Electrical Insulation: The non-conductive nature of silicon nitride prevents electrical erosion, enhancing suitability in electrically sensitive applications.
  • Precision and Rigidity: The single-row design ensures precise control and high rigidity, crucial for applications requiring accurate motion control.


What Can CE71892SIPP Bearing Be Used for?

CE71892SIPP Bearing is well-suitable for applications such as:

  • High-Speed Machinery: Used in CNC machines, high-speed drills, and other machinery where rapid and precise motion is crucial.
  • Precision Instruments: Ideal for aerospace components and precision medical equipment due to their accuracy and reliability.
  • Automotive and Motorsports: Employed in high-performance vehicle components where durability and high-speed capabilities are essential.
  • Industrial Automation: Suitable for robotics and automated systems that demand precision, speed, and long-term reliability.