Tapered Roller Bearings Have Great Responsibilityand Becomea Bridge Between Car Bodyand Tire

Automotive wheel bearings are used in the car wheel bearings, generally we call it a car wheel bearings or directly call it a car bearing, but its real body is tapered roller bearings.

Automotive bearings are the key parts of the car, the car in order to quickly jump on the road, rely on the tire support body, but the convergence of the two is tapered roller bearings, bearing itself is the center of all running equipment , And the most important part, so no matter what kind of equipment in it, its role is always the largest, without it, then what will not be done. The bearings in the car are mainly used to carry the weight and rotation of the hub, not only to bear the axial load but also bear radial load.

Now the car bearings are tapered roller bearings on the basis of this fundamental research and development and improvement and to build up, to be able to make such a qualified car bearings, then it must meet a lot of demanding requirements, bearing performance Must be good, light weight, smooth structure, compact load capacity. Before the seal can be filled with grease, omit the external shaft seal but also from the maintenance, to achieve such requirements of the tapered roller bearings have been widely used in the car, and later will slowly get in the heavy car Good play.

Why the car can have such a rapid development, because it is closely related with the role of tapered roller bearings, with the rapid growth of car sales, the manufacturer of automotive bearings are also constantly increasing the need to improve the overall quality of the bearing And security. From the development of tapered roller bearings also see the future increase in market space.

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