Bearing in Extreme Sports, Skateboard Bearings Drive Athletes to Challenge the Higher Limit

The difference between skateboard bearing and our general bearing, the bearing we used in other industrial areas, although the bearing size and specifications are almost the same, but because these two types of bearings work environment is too different , So the satisfaction of the function is also far from each other. Industrial bearings are generally in the high-speed smooth vibration-free environment to work, but the skateboard bearings are working outdoors, dust, water, etc. will affect the performance of the bearing.

Skateboard bearing we will be very familiar with the common skateboard bearing models are 608zz, 6900zz, 627zz, 688zz, etc. These bearings, the type of different, there will be some small differences in the role. In all types of skateboard bearings, the most common is the 608 bearing, but also in all models used in the most one. Skateboard bearings do not need to use high-precision motor bearings, so the bearing accuracy requirements are not very high, even to enhance the accuracy of the skateboard bearing is not big.

Extreme movement of the Abec standard skateboard bearing size and tolerance of the diameter, width, etc., inner ring outer ring of the running and sliding surface finish. On the other hand, the abec standard ignores the side load, impact resistance, material selection material grade is very important. And these requirements are relatively indispensable and very important for skateboard bearings for extreme sports. But abec did not have any of these requirements. Because the skateboard in the course of the use of certain will jump, sliding, hit these violent movement, and these movements are not smooth motor bearings can withstand, so the selection and installation of skateboard bearings must use professional bearings.

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