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Motor Bearings Play an Important Role in Rail Transit

At present, our country’s high-speed rail is in the stage of rapid development, as the carrier carrying high-speed rail, its own security directly affects the safety of passengers. So the high-speed rail vehicle status detection and failure of the timely assessment to prevent the cause of the applause caused by the risk of unnecessary losses is a matter of urgency. Bogie motor bearings are one of the important parts of high-speed rail, in the high-speed rail has a pivotal position, so the rail vehicle click bearing bearing fault diagnosis is hot and difficult.

Railway railways have been occupying an important position in our country’s traffic. Over the years, the national economy has developed rapidly and the traffic has become more and more intense. Therefore, the Ministry of Railways has also increased its participation with the transport trains. And the use of the impact, the reliability of the equipment used in the operation will be reduced, the train will have a lot of failures, so that the people brought losses.

In the previous fault data, we can see that the failure of rail transit operations, vehicle failure accounted for arrogance. To improve the safety level of rail transit operations, will be the track train as a key diagnostic object. While the core is the motor, known as the electric locomotive “heart”

If the motor has failed, resulting in direct paralysis of the vehicle, in order to ensure the normal operation of the country every year will certainly put a lot of maintenance costs, but this can not guarantee the normal operation of the motor, so the vehicle vehicle motor status detection and fault diagnosis Is today’s hot and difficult. 80% of the motor failure occurs on the motor bearing, so the bearing for the motor and for the entire train has this crucial impact.

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