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Application of Lily Bearing in Medical Equipment

Shanghai Lily Bearing the production of medical equipment – medical bearings are suitable for high-speed rotation, low friction torque, low vibration, low noise requirements products. In small diameter medical bearings, the ultra-small bearings that diameter below φ2mm are metric 68,69,60 series, a total of 18 kinds, Inch R series, a total of 6 kinds, on this basis, they are also divided into different dust cover series, flange series, stainless steel series. Shanghai Lily Bearing provides medical equipment bearings are corrosion resistance, friction resistance, safety and long cycle characteristics.

Shanghai Lily Bearing medical bearing models for the S694ZZ, S623ZZ, S682ZZ, S684ZZ, SMR106ZZ, 6900-2RS, 6200-SRS.Bearings use 440C material or mixed ceramic materials, considering the hospital medical environment, we generally use pollution-free grease or oil-free drying process to keep the equipment clean and ensure safety and reliability.

The miniature bearings of Lily Bearing are suitable for all kinds of medical devices and small turning machines. Recently, the demand for miniaturization, light weight and thin wall type of these devices has been increasing. As a key component of medical devices, especially high-precision, high-quality, high-performance precision bearings are necessary for the medical industry.

Especially in medical equipment, patient comfort is extremely important. Lily Bearings take into account the medical equipment imaging and treatment of the lower stage of the height of the device, the device movement easy to control, and low noise operation and other factors, the production of our bearings noise control has a high demand, Bearing the full inspection, to ensure that imaging technology and the patient to achieve accurate positioning and silent operation, the absolute reliability of the equipment to ensure efficient function.

Today, many high-end medical equipment for foreign imports, but with the continuously invest research and development of Lily Bearing, we have gradually replaced strength in high-end medical equipment, and some well-known medical equipment manufacturers have further cooperation with us. (In the critical part of the medical equipment, consider of the equipment life cycle, we will do special treatment for bearings, the safety and reliability of medical equipment is a matter of life and death. The Lily bearings are fully able to meet the use of equipment parts and assembly requirements.)

Finally, look forward to enterprises or individuals who is willing to have a common development with Lily Bearing again!

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