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The Application of Low Temperature Bearing

Cryogenic bearings are low temperature resistant bearings that can withstand temperatures from minus 40 degrees Celsius to minus 120 degrees. They are often used in aerospace, deep sea exploration, and liquid nitrogen equipment. Our deep groove ball bearings through the authority of the department has been able to test all the above requirements.

Low temperature bearings are divided into bearing steel, stainless steel, ceramics and other materials, the current bearing steel and stainless steel bearings can reach minus 60 degrees Celsius. Our ultra-low temperature ceramic bearings can reach minus 90 degrees Celsius to minus 120 degrees Celsius.

Low-temperature bearings and ordinary bearings are not the same, ordinary bearings can withstand the minimum temperature of minus 40 degrees Celsius, if you need to achieve lower temperatures, ordinary bearings can not be achieved. At such a low temperature of ordinary bearings in the internal will produce crystallization affect the rotation, while the bearing is directly frozen and locked.

Often many customers do not know the reason, blindly go to the market to buy ordinary bearing the results suffered unnecessary losses. Our ultra-low temperature bearings are patented special ultra-low temperature grease production, with high viscosity and low pour point advantages, can be applied to different low temperature conditions. Due to limited space and patent protection, the customer that want to understand the details please contact Our sales department for more information, here I will not elaborate all the thing.

Prior to a liquid nitrogen equipment manufacturers because of low temperature bearing things a headache, domestic and foreign brands of various brands have tried or failed to meet their requirements. Customers finally found us, the customer’s request is able to reach minus 120 degrees of low-temperature bearings, the temperature of the ordinary bearing is clearly less than that, we provide customers with ultra-low temperature can withstand special ceramic bearings, as shown below.

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