High Speed Deep Groove Ball Bearings Playa Important Rolein Electric Drill

Electric drill usually applies to many area of the construction industry. Generally, it divided into light type , heavy type and standard type three kinds of electric drill, mainly use for drilling high quality steel and various hard materials. So electric drill should have high drilling efficiency and the larger axial force. It is because electric drill should tolerate high twist force and high rotate speed, the core bearing inside electric drill also should have these character.

The core of electric drill or whether it can work or not depends on the function of the bearing. So high rotate speed is the first condition. If there is no bearing with high rotate speed, electric drill can not work. The bearing and axle sleeve of electric drill may shown a false appearance that they have good concentricity when idle spin.. However, when working, since main axle is short, bearing that is not firm will be able to offset. So bearing plays a significant role in electric drill.

The bearing used in electric drill should choose Deep Groove Ball Bearing Because it quite suitable for high rotate speed even super high rotate sunning. In addition, because of its high durability, it needn’t maintain regularly. This kinds of bearing has lower friction coefficient ,high rotate speed, simple structure and lower cost. So Deep Groove Ball Bearing is quite suitable for electric drill. The character of Deep Groove Ball Bearing fits well with the electric drill’s requirement for bearing. In addition these kind of bearing a certain ability of self-aligning. Even though the shell begins toincline,it also can work. This point meets the electric drill’s requirement for bearing. Facing high strength and high speed working environment, Deep Groove Ball Bearing is certainly important for electric drill.

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