No Need to Shaft Seat, Flange Bearings to Promote the Miniature Motor to Achieve Lightweight

Micro-motor as an indispensable basic mechanical and electrical products, if you just take out the micro-motor that we may be a little strange to this stuff, but if it comes to its wide range of applications, may be in our lives in all aspects of its shadow , Up to the aerospace engineering, down to our daily home appliances, are inseparable from the support of micro-motor. The reason why called micro-motor, indicating that its size is not great, micro-motor in the decades of industrial production has been optimized to improve, and now the degree of miniaturization of the micro-motor products has been quite high, in which the flange bearing Is one of the key to miniaturization of motor.

If the micro-motor to do a kind of subdivision, there are many types of micro-motor, where the intensity does not start to explain. However, even if the micro-motor has more categories, in the end are inseparable from similar manufacturing processes, the general micro-motor will be related to fine chemicals, micro-processing, magnetic materials processing, winding manufacturing, insulation treatment technology, which requires the process Equipment, large number of high precision, and flange bearings as a micro-motor in one of the core part of its quality to a certain extent determine the quality of micro-motor.

Flange bearings have been playing a positive role in the miniaturization of miniature motors. As the axial positioning of the flange bearing is relatively simple, do not need the support of the bearing, which to some extent, has a good utility value. The rolling ball of the flange bearing uses a small outer diameter ball, which can effectively ensure the weight and wiring space when applied to the use of the micro-motor. Strong production of flange bearings quality and cheap, has been in a variety of micro-motor and other areas put into use, the user feedback is good. Strong will, as always, for more customers to provide better products and services.

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