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Deep Groove Ball Bearings:Turbocharger in a “HUMBLE” Role

For all the car owners, the turbocharger is one of the more familiar auto parts. Whenever the structure of the turbocharger is lifted, most people will first be turbines or compressors, often ignoring the tiny parts of the turbine shaft. But do not underestimate this small turbine shaft, if the selection and processing technology from the harsh level, the turbine shaft is definitely the core of each turbocharger manufacturers, and play to support the turbine shaft turbine bearings – – deep groove ball bearings, can be described as the core of the core.

To know the deep groove ball bearings in the turbocharger in the usefulness of the first turbocharger to have a general understanding. In fact, the turbocharger is actually an air compressor, the engine exhausted exhaust drive pump wheel, pump wheel drive turbine rotation, the turbine rotation to the intake system after pressurization. The speed of the rotor at the time of operation is very high, and the high speed deep groove ball bearing has a lower friction force, which can make the effect of the turbo retardation lower, more favorable for the pressing of the power limit, and can effectively rotate the turbine Axis of the dynamic control, indirectly improve the life of the turbine. It is also due to deep groove ball bearings in the promotion of locomotive power is very attractive, so deep groove ball bearings are still the performance of the mainstream models.

It can be seen, deep groove ball bearings in the turbocharger has an indispensable role. Strong professional production of deep groove ball bearings more than 10 years, the choice of raw materials, bearing processing technology and bearing product testing, etc., have a certain degree of improvement, for the application of turbocharger in the deep groove ball Bearing also has a very mature production process, has been for many turbocharger manufacturers to provide a perfect solution.

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