Ceramic Bearings Show Dramatic Advantages,SuccessfulI nstead Stainless Steel Bearings

Facing more and more kinds of worse work environment, the request for bearing has increased all the time. The stainless steel can solve all the problem before ,but it can not do that any more nowadays. It’s necessary to improve material, design and performance of bearings, so that it can Meet the higher and higher requirements.

Bearings have to face two problem when working in deep sea ,one is that sea water has corrosion. Because it should be soaked in sea for loon time, so corrosion will be strong . Another is the microbes and sediment in sea. If sediment go into bearings, the usage of bearings will be influenced directly. So it can reduce the bearing life. So stainless steel can not meet the requirement in such an environment at all.

Ceramic has been divided into two categories : hybrid ceramic and full ceramic bearing. Hybrid ceramic has ceramic roller object and chrome steel races. Full ceramic bearing, as its name, was made of full ceramic material.

Be made of Silicon nitride ceramic, bearing will operate well under the sea. The thermal expansion coefficient of silicon nitride material is small, only a quarter of the general bearing. This will be more sensitive to changes in the temperature of the surrounding seawater. It is relatively high hardness, to prevent the impact of sediment and seafloor. And silicon nitride material is relatively strong corrosion resistance, even if the sea has been running, the bearing life is still high. Anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion properties and stability.

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