Boca Bearing Releases the Latest Design of Ceramic Mixed Go Series Bearings

Boca bearings has also recently been very excited to announce the introduction of a new ceramic hybrid radial Bearing line for radio control applications, the RC Go series of Boca Bearing. For 25 years, Boca bearing has been one of the most innovative leaders in RC bearing field and the first company to provide ceramic bearings worldwide. With the launch of the new RC Go series, Boca bearings hopes to introduce a new generation of RC racing drivers and enthusiasts with ceramic bearing technology.

RC Go bearing is a ceramic mixed radial bearing. Ceramic mixed bearings are bearings with metal raceway and ceramic rolling body. In the case of RC Go series, the inner and outer rings are hard chrome steel, which is the ideal choice for rough wear of the car. The rolling element is ceramic silicon nitride (Si3N4) ball. Ceramics have glass surface finish, harder and lighter than steel, and will not corrode. Ceramic mixed bearings can reach higher RPM and maintain a lower working temperature.

Another unique feature of the RC Go series is that there is a rubber seal on the side of the bearing and a metal shield on the other side. By installing the bearing to make the rubber seal face outwards, it can better protect the bearing from dirt and debris pollution off-road environment. For cleaner working conditions, the rubber sealing ring can be removed to further reduce friction, and the metal shielding side can be externally mounted. Friction that is usually associated with rubber seal bearings is reduced or eliminated by having one or no rubber seals.

Boca bearing company is one of the most reliable brands in RC bearing replacement and upgrade, which reduces rolling resistance and energy saving since 1987. Boca bearing is an expert in ceramic bearings, and also has a full range of standard bearings, ceramic mixed bearings and full ceramic bearings.

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