Ceramic Bearings, the Anti-“CORRUPTION” Pioneer in Chemical Equipment

With the development of the economy, the demand for chemical products is increasing. However, due to the existence of corrosive media, the mechanical equipment of chemical production enterprises will be more serious than the general industry equipment, and the bearing is one of the core components in the chemical equipment. Corrosive environment, it is easy and strong corrosive media and a variety of acid, alkali, salt organic solvents and corrosive gases such as contact with corrosion. Corrosion can not only stop the bearing to stop the rotation, so that equipment is destroyed and stop production, resulting in huge economic losses or even endanger human life. In order to avoid a series of economic losses, comes with anti-“rot” halo of the ceramic bearings are perfectly demonstrated its own advantages, are increasingly used in the chemical equipment.

Ceramic bearings can be anti-corrosion characteristics, in the final analysis is the ceramic material itself has a corrosion-resistant properties, it can be used in strong acid, alkali, inorganic, organic salt, sea water and other applications. In the corrosive environment, the chemical properties of ceramic materials is stable, it is difficult to react with other chemical substances, so the ceramic bearings can work for a long time in the corrosive solution, in this regard can not be with the ceramic bearings bearing the same day, Even the commonly used stainless steel bearings, due to the low hardness of the material, and the destruction of intergranular corrosion, work in the weak acid solution is also difficult to maintain a certain time, the average life expectancy of ceramic bearings 4 to 25 times higher than the stainless steel bearings, Occupies a great advantage. In addition to excellent corrosion resistance, the ceramic bearing other characteristics make it in the high pressure, vacuum, cold, flammable, explosive, anti-magnetic, electrical insulation and other industrial fields, also has a broad development and application prospects.

Ceramic bearings in the chemical equipment to show its excellent anti-corrosion, for the production of chemical products contribute their modest power. Strong professional production of various types of ceramic bearings, ceramic bearings can be widely used in a variety of chemical equipment. Although the ceramic bearings are not as good as ordinary shaft steel bearings widely used, but believe that with the strength of ceramic bearings, will be able to get more applications in more areas.

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