The Hybrid Ceramic Bearing Successfully Reverses, With the Advantage of Long Life, Becoming the” NEWFAV ORITE” of Electric Motor.

The so-called motor bearing, which is also the motor bearing, is just a different name, but it is also a thing. The motor motor USES a bearing that supports the shaft, which can guide the rotation of the shaft, and can also bear the idling of the upper part of the bearing. But the bearings that are used in motor motors are not only one kind, but there are four types. Rolling bearings, sliding bearings, joint bearings and oil – bearing weeks. Although these four are all we can see, the most used is the rolling bearing.

And we all know that motor, motor, and this kind of products have very high requirements for bearing. In particular, the bearing speed of the bearing is much higher than the normal bearing. And motor, once the motor turns, the speed is high, and it produces extremely high temperatures. If the motor often works this way, the life of the general bearing will be greatly reduced. It may not be long before the motor is broken, and the bearing will be replaced.

But ordinary bearing cannot meet the high speed of the motor, and the mixed ceramic bearing can solve the problem. Mixed ceramic bearing, which is a mixture of ordinary bearing and ceramic bearing, a kind of general bearing and ceramic bearing, a new kind of ceramic bearing. It combines the high precision of ordinary bearing with the high temperature of ceramic bearing, which is a very wide application of mechanical machinery and so on. And such bearing is also a good news for motor motor, high temperature and bearing accuracy of high speed, and the use of mixed ceramic bearing can make the motor life longer.

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