The Water Treatment Equipment Requires Strict, Ceramic Bearing Stands Outand Assumes the Responsibility

With the rapid development of science and technology and the increasing frequency of equipment updates, in this situation, the demand for fittings is increasing. The bearing’s environment and requirements for bearing are also slowly changing. Whether in the bearing material aspect, or the bearing itself running quality, more and more strict. Especially in water treatment the device, about People’s Daily life and drinking, nature is extremely harsh, because of the influence is not only a person, but all the people in the society on a large one.

The water treatment equipment is a new generation of design bearings. Replace the position of the original stainless steel bearing in the equipment. Ceramic as the bearing material, mainly because ceramics are relatively superior to stainless steel, and it can completely replace the working environment of stainless steel in the whole water environment. So it is necessary to replace the original stainless steel bearing with ceramic bearing.

The water treatment has a high demand for equipment, so the cost is very high. Domestic water supply equipment is produced and applied in China because it has been used for a long time, so it is a big problem in terms of stability. Because most of the bearings are used stainless steel bearings, this also results in the long running instability of the equipment. However, the foreign technology equipment has replaced the stainless steel bearing with ceramic bearings in all respects, so the effect of ceramic bearing on the water treatment equipment is self-evident.

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