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Ceramic Ballin the Water Heater Anti-structural Effectis Obvious, No Wonder the Preferred Wet Environment Bearingsare Ceramic Bearings

Just around us, we will use the water heater, often encounter water heater scaling, and then cause the water heater slow, unstable, water heater heating time will gradually become longer. So many researchers later on how to solve such problems, the results of a variety of materials used, raw materials and composites, etc. have, after a long period of experiments and tests, the result is ceramic material anti-scaling best effect.

Because ceramic balls can have very strong antibacterial ability, and have the function of releasing negative oxygen ions, all of them are the best choice for water heater anti-scaling, and modern science and technology have also shown that treated ceramic balls To bath, one of the small molecules can eliminate fatigue and prevent the role of various skin diseases, showing the role of ceramic materials is how powerful.

The ceramic bearings are also ceramic balls, ceramic balls based on the principle of this material, ceramic bearings can therefore be used in many humid environments or have been immersed in water under such circumstances. If it is ordinary bearing or some other bearing materials, in such an environment, it is easy to corrosion bearings, if not corroded, the surface of the bearing ball scaling, then it is a direct impact on the operation of the bearing, greatly reducing the bearing The life expectancy, but also to reduce the efficiency of machinery at a level.

Because the water will be a large number of reactive oxygen species and other elements, can react with organic matter and microorganisms, the formation of surface scale. The ceramic bearings because ceramic materials will interfere with the dynamic scale environment, this special material will not scale so easy to form, but also can oxidize part of the surface of the passivation to form a protective film.

So many companies if the bearings in those humid environments, or to run completely in the water bearing the case, such as boats, propellers, etc., their first choice is also a ceramic bearing.

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