Bearings in the Field of Aviation Can Notbe Underestimated, the Aircraft’s Engine Needsits Support

Aerospace business is regarded as the leader in all fields of life.Due to the scientific and technological nature of such industries, there are strict requirements on the quality and performance of many things. But in any case, its core is composed of a humble thing, this is an immutable fact.

When it comes to aerospace industry, we think of the space shuttle, and the core of the aircraft is its engine. It is the power of the aircraft and the heart of the aircraft. Bearing for the engine, just as the engine for the role of the aircraft as important. Aircraft engine bearings are linked static and dynamic parts, support rotation and transmission indispensable parts. On the one hand, the bearing is under static load and on the other hand it also receives the dynamic load, while the aircraft engine eventually produces thrust. The rotor needs to drive the fan to rotate, resulting in greater thrust on the bearing. When told to run to a certain speed, bearing and high-speed movement of high temperature, air impurities and oil will produce corrosion, so the bearing protection is particularly important.

In order to allow engine bearings to operate normally in a variety of environments and achieve the expected results, the bearing itself must also be reduced in the use and maintenance of the engine. In the engine’s entire life process, all aspects of the bearing will have an impact.And it’s not just the same way you can protect your bearings in the aerospace industry, in vehicles such as cars and boats. However, the field of aviation is more stringent, after all, is flying in the sky, a little glitch will have a greater risk

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