Iscar Use the Lastest Processing Method, Solving the Problems of Bearings Design

In Israel,almost all of the mechanical system or other subjects or mechine which need to move or rotate,should have bearings.Iscar can provide bearings the lastest,the most advanced and comprehensive solve method,utilize high efficient tools to part,bore a hole,groove,etc.

If there is a subject turning,distorting or moving,it probably has a orientation.Although Ball Bearings and Needle Roller Bearings are most popular and the most widely used in the market,Ball And Thrust Bearings are also generally used.The ranger of bearings ’ size are minimum,for example,the bearings used in electronic system are 2mm,and have 6000mm diameter.They are mianly used in wind turbine.

Nowadays, among these industries that refer to bearings,the most highest requirement for bearings is auto -ndustry.baceuse the average of the car has 100-150 bearings,and even every motorbike has 25-30bearings.More than 93 million vehicles are produced every year,and motorbikes need 140 million each year,so the demand for bearings in automotive industry is higher than other industries, and it’s also rising now.Moreover in other industries such as Mechinery production industry,electrical appliance industry,construction industry and other high technology field,the demang for bearings are increasing

every year.In Iscar,the engineers,who have rich exoerience,can provide solvement for bearings design and advanced produce method for any kinds of bearings,so that it can make sure of performance of bearings maximum,getting high efficiency and accuracy.

Iscar operates on 64hrc quenching bearing rings with turning.The operation department of Iscar company offers lastest Alloy knife with various of shapes and hard texture to operate.So in project design,Iscar will provide a complete set of design system to carry out according to actuel situation.

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