The Establishmen t ofan Integrated Bearing Information Resource Database, Help to Promote the Developmen t of Industry Applications

Emerson Bearing in Boston, Massachusetts, is now available as a “one stop” bearing information resource and is providing original equipment manufacturers around the world with the exception of bearing products for maintenance, repair and operation. Emerson Bearings has released a line of ultra-precision bearing technology resources to help customers keep up-to-date with advances in bearing technology and to evaluate their industry application needs.

Emerson Bearing Company in Boston has also compiled a comprehensive collection of ultra-precision bearings to help industries such as aerospace, defense, vacuum pumps, and medical applications. Design engineers, technical designers, purchasers, plant managers, maintenance buyers, and others can access Emerson Bearings’ free ultra-precision resources in their Web site’s “Technology Toolbox” for documents, specifications and the latest on precision bearing technology Update and so on.

Among these resources are specialized technical guides that help to identify the specific materials that may be needed for a variety of applications and to address common issues and the latest developments and discoveries in precision bearing technology. The company covers a wealth of bearing information, ranging from bearing types, materials and specifications, to lubrication details and bearing maintenance to avoid failure.

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