Igus Recently Has Designed the New Ball Bearing Extremely Light Without Preserve,intends toa Narrow Space

Sports plastic expert Igus has designed the Thin Ring Bearing which meets the standard of DIN 625. It fits for setting in narrow place, and quite light. For example, because of lubrication and maintenance of relative freedom and very low friction, monox ball bearing can be used in every control system in various kinds of vehicles.

Temperature, ventilation or suspension dynamics can be adjusted through many kinds of suspension control, so new type Thin ring bearing is quite suitable, because very light weight is vital, and it can be used in narrow place. Sports plastic expert Igus provides these two kinds of material(xirodur B180 and xirodur S180) inner diameter is between 4mm and 30mm. It also can be provided according to the special size and special solution from client.

As for these two kinds of xirodur material, they can choose stainless steel 1.4401 or glass ball when designing. Using glass ball to ensure complete non-magnetic ball bearings So depend on demands, using plastic balls can reduce the weight.

In addition, xiros thin ring bearing from Igus is suitable for the work temperature between -40 degree centigrade and +80 degree centigrade. They do not need lubrication and not corrosion. In the area of 2750 square meter of plastic motion test lab, a variety of rotating and hub test has proved that in the hundreds of millions of the load revolations.

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