The New Energy Auto mobile Bearing Unit Hasthe Cooperation of Electric AWD Technology, the Endurance Ability Willbe Greatly Improved.

In the era of energy shortage, it is urgent to replace scarce energy with new energy. As one of the most common transportation vehicles in the world, more and more hybrid and pure electric vehicles are beginning to enter our lives because of the depletion of petroleum resources. A series of new energy vehicles will provide consumers with the option to add plug-in electric all-wheel drive with the latest electric shaft drive (eAxle) technology used by GKN Driveline. EAxle is a new system developed for hybrid supercars that drive performance and efficiency with an all-wheel drive. GKN has secured an order for a major global platform and is currently in production at its eDrive production facility in Bruneck, Italy.

The new energy vehicle bearing unit has been optimized for compact vehicle applications. The system to produce up to 2000 Nm and 70 kw of additional torque and power, enough to realize the pure electric vehicle mode to reach speeds of up to 125 km/h, for all wheel drive (AWD) model, compared to the conventional mechanical AWD its obvious advantages in speed. When no hybrid power operation is required, the electronic machine can be disconnected from the transmission system through an integrated disconnecting device, which USES an electromechanical actuated claw clutch. The arrangement of gear and bearing unit has been adjusted accordingly. Bearing unit with new electric AWD technology, which makes the separation under the high speed of rotation to minimize the loss, but also ensures that the pure electric and hybrid and conversion between ICE pattern for the driver is disposable.

The latest generation of electric shafts that drive eAxles has a major breakthrough in performance, size and cost. For many front-wheel drive vehicle platforms, it is simpler and more effective to connect the rear axle to the main transmission than to connect the hybrid module bolt to the main transmission. According to engineering President Peter Moelgg GKN car company, “GKN eAxle technology in its new drive demand and plug-in hybrids is enhanced at the same time, in its development has experienced a key milestone. Many carmakers are introducing our technology into their premium models and starting to shift the eAxle hybrid technology to more models.

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