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Application and Selection of Wheelchair Bearing

Wheelchair bearings are commonly used in life and have a wide range of applications and have the standard size of the bearings, but also have non-standard custom bearings. Commonly used wheelchair bearings mainly are non-standard size, because the choice of wheelchair bearings is also important.

Standard wheelchair bearings such as: 608,6000,6200 and so on, Non-standard wheelchair bearings such as: 608 inner ring lengthened, outer ring plastic, 6000 or 6200 inner ring lengthened, outer ring with shell or outer ring plating (zinc, chromium, nickel) and so on. The production method of most wheelchair bearings on the market is based on stamping processing, such a bearing manufacturing process is simple, rough, resulting easily in damage to the bearing. For some electric wheelchairs or high-quality wheelchair, then the requirements of the bearing will be correspondingly increased. In the choice, not only has accuracy requirements of the bearing manufacturing process , but also on the bearing flexibility and smoothness has high requirement, the service life should have a long guarantee.

In this area, Shanghai Lily Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd has a high manufacturing experience and customer diversity of the use of feedback. So according to the different requirements of customers, listen to customer comments, and then give customers the diversity choices and solutions, thus making the product better.

Wheelchair bearings, whether standard or non-standard size, only a better choice will have a wider range of applications.

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