Aetna Bearings Companyand Elgeti Engineering Company Establish Strategic Partnership to Forge Complementary Relations

Headquartered in Illinois, Aetna Bearing Company and Elgrti Engineering Co., Ltd. established a strategic partnership to become their dedicated bearing and system testing solutions provider. Aetna was founded in 1916 in order to be able to improve their engineering and support capabilities to meet the demanding customer base requirements. With its expertise in bearing testing and verification at Elgeti Engineering, Aetna Bearing is dedicated to providing advanced engineering and innovation. Aetana is a leading manufacturer of thrust bearings, belts, clutch release bearings, custom bearings and bearing assemblies.

Elgeti Engineering GmbH is the beat world leading bearing and gearbox engineering solutions provider for bearing and system testing, advanced fault analysis and condition monitoring. “This partnership is a perfect combination of resources between two companies that have mutual attributes.As we continue to expand our product portfolio and engineering support to our customers, we regard Elgeti Engineering as a key support for fulfilling our commitments. “Said Kal Beidas, president of Antna Bearing.

Hagen Elgeti, owner and chairman of Elgeti Engineering, formed the company in Germany in 2009. With a strong academic and research background in bearings and gearboxes, Elgeti has established a team of test engineering and bearing specialists to support rigorous applications from the agricultural to aerospace industries.

“When we recently opened a subsidiary in Indiana, our partnership with Aetna Bearing will enable us to demonstrate our capabilities and increase our exposure in North America.” We provide bearings and gear manufacturers a unique service that enables them to have Confidence and confidence in demanding and critical applications. With Aetna Bearing’s commitment to engineering innovation and unparalleled service and support, we believe this partnership will be a tremendous complement to the solution. “Hagen Elgeti said

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