304 Stainless Steel Bearings Performance Comparable to Ceramic Bearings, and Have Better Economic Benefits

We know that ordinary shaft steel bearings in a variety of properties such as corrosion resistance, speed, non-magnetic and other aspects are far worse than the ceramic bearings, so the excellent performance of ceramic bearings, the production process is complex, usually expensive. In this case, most companies will choose 304 stainless steel bearings, 304 stainless steel bearings because of its performance can be comparable to stainless steel bearings, low prices, more and more recognized by the field, to many enterprises to bring a better heat economy benefit.

Strong first for everyone to analyze the difference between 304 stainless steel bearings and ordinary shaft steel bearings. 304 stainless steel bearing its standard composition is 18% chromium plus 8% nickel, that is commonly known as 18-8 stainless steel. The characteristics of such stainless steel is non-magnetic, can not by heat treatment to change its microstructure, good processing, but also because of alloying elements – nickel, so the corrosion resistance is better than only chromium containing two other nickel Stainless steel. Usually the use of 304 stainless steel bearings are: general people’s livelihood such as kitchen utensils, building materials, medical and health equipment, food processing timber, transportation, chemical equipment and fittings, machinery and equipment and parts.

304 stainless steel bearings compared to expensive ceramic bearings have a very good economic benefits. And the performance of ceramic bearings with little difference, corrosion-resistant effect is good, ordinary stainless steel can not be resistant to corrosion, in the acid-base environment will be corroded out, and 304 stainless steel can be used in a strong environment. Rust, even in the water will never rust. Non-magnetic, generally 440 stainless steel bearing magnetic is very large, with the magnet can it it suck up, and 304 is not, a little better 316 material can reach completely no magnetic. Strong production of 304 stainless steel bearings after years of market test, in all areas of performance, service life is far more than domestic counterparts, is the best choice for alternative bearings.

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