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Ceramic ferrules/ sleeves, for fiber-optic communications

Posted by admin003 on 02/20/2020

Optical fiber connectors are indispensable passive components for optical fiber communication equipment. They are mainly used to implement non-permanent fixed links between system equipment, equipment and instruments, equipment and optical fibers, and optical fibers and optical fibers. All fiber optic connectors have four basic components, which are the ferrule, connector body, cable, and coupling device.


Ceramic ferrules/ sleeves, for fiber-optic communications-Lily Bearing


Where be used? 

Ferrule is the most important component of Fiber Connectors and Fiber Patch cord. Most of the ferrules used in optical connectors are made of ceramic (Zirconia) material due to some of the desirable properties they possess. Ferrule include low insertion loss required for optical transmission, remarkable strength, small elasticity coefficient, easy control of product characteristics, and strong resistance to changes in environmental conditions.

Ceramic sleeves (zirconia sleeve) are mostly used in Fiber Adpater for the main purpose of connecting and aligning two inserted Ceramic Ferrules together. The reason is that it has the characteristics of high accuracy, small insertion loss, and long service life.



Ceramic ferrules/ sleeves, for fiber-optic communications-Lily Bearing


How to ensure High precision?

A high-quality, dependable part means less down time and more production.The precision machining technology of ceramic parts includes inner hole finishing, outer circle finishing, grooving and brushing.

Lily bearing according to the processing characteristics of ceramics and the accuracy requirements of ceramic sleeves, the processing technology of inner diameter and outer diameter is improved. The inner diameter is processed by vibration grinding and the outer circle is processed by centerless grinder, which can improve the automation level and efficiency of processing.

Custom service/Lily Bearing

Besides Standard singlemode and multimode ceramic sleeves for standard FC, ST, SC, LC, MU fiber adapter, We also offer custom manufacturing Non standard Ceramic Sleeves, both split and solid types of various length and O.D.Rods,Ring,Flanged shaft and so on.

In addition to zirconia ceramics, it also includes silicon nitride, silicon carbide, and alumina. Lily bearing will based on different applications or operating temperatures proposed the right solution. Including G5 ceramic ball sizes from 0.5mm to 20mm.

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Ceramic ferrules/ sleeves, for fiber-optic communications-Lily Bearing