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Loose Locating Pin Bearings

What is locating pins?

Locating pins are used for controlled, fine tolerance positioning of a work piece. locating pins are available in a vast array of styles to meet most automation applications. featuring a configurable head length in 0.1mm increments and a configurable head diameter in 0.01mm increments, plus configurable shank length in 1mm increments, locating pins eliminate the need for engineers to draw custom pins and have them machined in-house or sourced outside.


Materials of locating pins

Locating pins are manufactured from hardened steel such as heat treated to 60-63 HRC or from case hardened carbon steel. in some cases, soft 300 series or hardened 400 stainless is used in assemblies where no rust is accepted. Please, remember that pins made out of soft materials will wear out much faster than harden pins.

locating pins with knurls, grooves, trunnions, undercuts, plating, and coatings

see info for all products from precision rollers. knurls, grooves, trunnions, undercuts, plating, and coatings. needle rollers, standard rollers, loose needle rollers and more. in addition to this variety, locating pins are offered in flat position, wrench flats, tip angle, relief at thread end and shoulder top radius designs.

Manufacturer and supply of locating pins

Locating pins are perfect for general automation as well as the packaging, medical manufacturing and semiconductor industries. Additionally, we offers locating pins to meet specific application demands of the automotive industry.



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