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Loose Grooved Pins

What’s precise groove pin?

The Grooved Pins are parallel pins with three equi-spaced longitudinal grooves. They are rolled or pressed into the cylindrical body to deform the pin stock outward within controlled limits. When this pin is forced into a drilled hole of proper diameter, a locking fit is obtained. Only a straight drilling hole is required and no reaming is needed. A few of them are illustrated above.


Clearances of parts(groove pin in inches)

Grooved taper pins (steel dowel)
1 Camshaft bearings 0.0035-0.0060 0.0035-0.0060 0.0015-0.0040
2 Connecting rod bearings 0.0050-0.0075 0.0050-0.0075 0.0030-0.0055
3 Main bearings 0.0090-0.0115 0.0090-0.0115 0.0070-0.0095
4 Main thrust bearings-width 0.0050-0.0100 0.0050-0.0100 0.0050-0.0110
5 Piston diameter 0.0085-0.0135 0.0095-0.0125 0.0080-0.0100
6 side clearance 0.0080-0.0100 0.0080-0.0100 0.0090-0.0110
7 gap clearance 0.0300-0.0400 0.0300-0.0400 0.0200-0.0300
8 side clearance 0.0050-0.0080 0.0050-0.0075 0.0070-0.0090
9 gap clearance 0.0300-0.0400 0.0300-0.0400 0.0200-0.0300
10 other oil rings, side 0.0015-0.0045 0.0015-0.0040 0.0030-0.0036
11 other oil rings, gap 0.0150-0.0250 0.0150-0.0250 0.0150-0.0250
12 Piston pin bearing 0.0055-0.0065 0.0020-0.0034 0.0015-0.0029
13 Vertical drive gears Backlash 0.0120-0.0160 0.0120-0.0160 0.0030-0.0100

How groove pins work?

When pressed into a hole the size of the Groov-Pin’s original diameter, the hole compresses the expanded pin and creates a forceful hold. This unique locking action is created without permanent deformation of either the pin or base material.

Conversion of groove pins ra, rz

Tolerance of Groove Pins
Surface roughness Ra 50 25 12.5 6.3 3.2 1.60 0.80
Rz 200 100 50 25 12.5 6.3 6.3
Surface roughness Ra 0.4 0.20 0.100 0.050 0.025 0.012
Rz 3.2 1.60 0.80 0.40 0.20 0.100 0.050

Advantages of grooved pins:

Withstand severe shock/vibration, even with axial displacement,Solid construction stronger than spring pins,Different groove types for a wide range of applications,Require only a straight drilled or molded hole,Reduce assembly steps,Driven with hammer, air cylinder or hydraulic press,Can be hopper-fed for automatic installation,Easy installation and quick assembly,Removable and reusable.

Manufacturers & suppliers of grooved pins

Grooved pins are manufactured from stainless steel material etc. our manufacturing range for grooved pins is from 0.2 to 16 mm in diameter and 1 to 200 mm in length.cylindrical (dowel) or parallel pins are used either to retain parts in a fixed position or to preserve alignment.
Internal threaded cylindrical (dowel) pin are for easy extraction, from blind holes. hardened pins are manufactured from case hardened alloy steel or as per buyers requirement. air vent may be provided.

ISO for cylindrical (grooved pins)

Grooved pins and shaft rollers
ISO 492-2002 Rolling bearings Radial bearings – Tolerances
ISO 5593-1997 Rolling bearings Vocabulary
ISO 5753-1991 Rolling bearings; radial internal clearance
ISO 582-1995 Rolling bearings – Chamfer dimensions Maximum values
ISO 5949-1983 Tool steels and bearing steels; Micrographic method for bearings assessing the distribution of carbides using reference photomicrographs
ISO 6279-2006 Plain bearings Aluminium alloys for solid bearings
ISO 6280-1981 Plain bearings; Requirements on backings for needle thick-walled multilayer bearings
ISO 6282-1983 Plain bearings; metallic thin-walled half bearings; determination of the sigma 0,01<(hoch)*>-limit
ISO 6524-1992 Plain bearings; thin-walled half-bearings; checking of peripheral length
ISO 6525-1983 Plain bearings; Ring type thrust washers made from strip; Dimensions and tolerances

Taper Pins are preferred for parts which have to be taken apart frequently and when driving out the Cylindrical Pins, would tend to wear the holes and also to very accurate constructed tools and gauges which have to be kept in absolute alignment.

External & Internal Threaded Taper Pins are used for extraction of the pins more conveniently.



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