Cylindrical Rollers

20129191259448473285What’s Cylindrical Roller?

Needle rollers are separable radial bearings with very low sectional heights that feature high load carrying capability. Needle & Cylindrical Rollers of Lily Bearing are available in designs according to DIN 5402 Sheet 3, and IS 4217-1981, with different shape of ends.Hardened & Tempered to 58-64 HRC (Type NRA,NRB,BP, BPM, BR) Material Grade: SAE 52100- EN 31 for bearings and auto industries and many more applications-off the shelf available range of dia min 0.03mm to 40mm in different and standard lengths.

Cylindrical Rollers for Needle Bearing Pins

Precision cylindrical rollers are mainly used as bearing rolling elements to transmit torque and reduce friction. In addition, they can also be served as precision shafts or as precision locating pins in some applications.

Application of Cylindrical Rollers

Cylindrical rollers are used in automotive transmissions, universal joints, front wheel drives, constant velocity joints water pump bearings, roller clutches, rollerized cam lifters, rocker arms, cam rollers, starter drives and as pins and dowels for various applications.

Manufacturer & Supplier of Cylindrical Rollers

We are needle manufacturer in china, manufactured precision needles, custom rollers,special end pins and dowels, bearing rollers, materials: stainless steel & chrome(aisi 52100), carbon steel etc…


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